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Has anyone else noticed the changes in FV2? I really don't like the new menu on the right side of the page. I don't think you get as many items from other players like you used to in the old game. Everything now takes either a Ask Friends or Post, and it does not seem like when you Ask Friends, there are not as many there as before. It just seems like they are wanting you to spend more money on the game. Then they stuck that Crown Society in there that is only about spending money in the game. When I started out years ago playing games on the Internet/Facebook, it wasn't all about money but having fun. Now it is very stressful and not much fun anymore. I maybe finding other games to play instead. Anyone else having this problem?


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    Well Zynga is a company that needs to make money. We are lucky to be able to play for free.
    Maybe its not the game for you if it stresses you.

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    That is what the games were on FB etc. by Zynga money makers. I know when games closed that were popular many people complained about all the money they spent and wanted the coins or whatever they earned in the game closing moved to the games that were left available

    The game has been ask friends/post for a long time.

    Yes not as many are playing today as maybe did 9 years ago when game came out

    Many have left Facebook or gotten tired of Zynga and more as the games they loved are no more and the way they have changed the games and more is very stressful

    Some loyal ones here will stay loyal to the game till it is imploded or something.

    But I have cut way back on playing. Basically farming/harvesting trees to ribbon them to top spot.

    Missions depends on what it is

    But with what this game takes a lot of patience and neighbors and more as the years have gone if you can't take it.... find a way to not make it stressful or the door.

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