Whyyyyyy Zynga? Gift Approvals, No Replies From Zynga, Co-op Combustion & No Gifts For You!

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Does anyone from Zynga read this stuff/care? 1) I've been playing since day 1 & haven't had a reply or acknowledgement of Support Tickets I've submitted in months. They posted a message months ago that they are aware of it....and??? They are brilliant, why can't this be fixed? 2) Why must we approve all of the gifts every time now? We used to be able to check the box saying don't ask me again & it worked for a little while before we had to approve them all again. 3) I would really love control of my Co-op back so I can remove people who no longer play & 4) I'm not getting gift requests from a friend who was hacked & had to start a brand new farm. She was a really high level previously but to add insult to injury, not only did she have to start over, but no one is receiving the gift requests she's sending. I know there are other threads about at least 3 of these things, but c'mon Zynga. Please respond to/help your loyal acolytes <3:(


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    It's my understanding Zynga doesn't monitor the forum. I've seen multiple complaints over the months of Zynga not responding to support tickets. Over the last six or so months, I've put in a few tickets, and have always gotten a response, so not sure what's going on there. The co-op has been a mess since they "fixed" it. Ours hasn't been able to hit the goal since. 240 orders with only three active players (even though they "fixed" it so co-ops would be all active players), and that doesn't go down when we miss it, like it used to. Sorry I don't have any sage advice for you, other than accept that Zynga isn't overly committed to fixing issues, and just play the game anyway and get what enjoyment you can from it.

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    @CZ97BD said:
    Sorry I don't have any sage advice for you, other than accept that Zynga isn't overly committed to fixing issues, and just play the game anyway and get what enjoyment you can from it.

    Well said.

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    I agree with posters above mine. Zynga today isn't going to up and change things and more or fix things. There used to be moderators here at forum that were frequent around here acknowledged us when we had issues and made KNOWN ISSUE threads if a ton of people were complaining on issue and made hundreds of threads would take them all and combine into one.

    Now we have an occasional Mod who may drop in and say sorry you are having issues we will pass it on to team or go look at our troubleshooting page.

    That was common with issues too way back when. But at least then things were fixed a little more than are now. With Covid the near last 2 years and people probably not working like used to or anything who knows what support is these days.

    When I first came to this game as was playing other Z games and that and they all closed so could focus on this game as they said didn't have time to reboot those games or other things. They were going through changes at the top of the company with CEO's and a whole lot more. But support was Live Chat or email. But when came here support was non existent then really for many.

    As would see all the posts and more.

    Who knows what future of this game will be even going into 2022. I know have five months left of 2021 but last year at this time we were all preparing for Flash to go and getting ready for Launcher etc.

    So as they said accept what you have now because who knows what may be tomorrow or next month or beyond with this game.

    Yes I still on FB side if I even use that side to ask for items. Rare but yes would get an occasional drop box asking for permission to send this to that person.

    I think the person plays on both platforms that is one that I am asked for but more times than not I play on Zynga side and do my wall posts there as just not into FB's limitations and more.

    I think that and some other things took a good few I played with away from FB and playing the game.

    But still have some loyal playing that I help and that.

    Granted not playing game all out like did first few years of existence as I knew how things went with their previous games how went from great to worse after 2nd year if survived after that much. Would be doing a lot more with the game than did before.

    So I just farm and on occasion do a mission/build

    A lot less stressful than worrying today on things with the game.

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