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I am struggling to add friends ive watched youtube videos been going through forum pages and cant find anything that helps me. I see people send me friend requests but I dont really want to just add random people. I cant find a way to add people to my zfriends list and if I click on a profile link in the forum it just goes it an error page and I see people posting number codes and they say add me but im unsure how to even begin to find them with that number. I saw another forum saying I should go to my profile and get a link that I can share my profile to people with but im unable to do that too as there is only the options of account, payment, personal datat, email and logout and if I click on either of the options there isnt a way for me to get a link to my account or to add anyone. Please can someone help me.


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    If you're playing on the website you cannot add specific people. You are limited to random strangers. Any information about getting a link from your profile is old information from the old profile.

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    Zynga Moderators should really remove the ADD ME threads, it confuses people trying to find friends. Links to profiles no longer exist as of December 2020. If you still have a link to your profile in your signature, please remove it.

    The only way to add a friend on Zynga is to use the add friend feature on the live feed

    On Facebook you can join numerous Active player/add friend/friends of FV2 pages and find friends from there. By joining one or more of these groups you can post to just the Group, which is good if you don't want to keep asking your boss for pig shoe bows.

    SUPPORT If your in game "contact us" button is missing, use this.

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