Anyone know how to get the features and quest to start working again?

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None of the new features. challenges, or quest are showing up on my farm. I have not gotten anything since the Easter rabbit challenge. My quest just disappeared and my farm is at a stand still. How do I fix this. I already went to support and all they said was to refresh. That did not work. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. than did not work either. It does not work on Zanga either. Help!!!


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    Clear your cache/history on all browsers you have tried or worked with in the past.
    Shut down computer
    Try a different browser than one using. I use Edge
    Reload with nothing .....absolutely nothing else running ie email, facebook etc
    See if that makes a difference.

    I lost 2 weeks of quests which coincidently coincided with the desktop shortcut water thing and doing the above. I used to use chrome and more recently edge and cleared on both to be sure. Now not sure if it was the water thing holding it up or something else but it righted it self right after it finished and I did the clearing.

    Hope it can help

    Also others have gotten quests through their letter box at the front of farm....didn't work for me
    Some others have a notice board over near their jetty....I don't have that.

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