Friends gone from the ask friends list.

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3/4s of my friends to "ask" from are gone. The only ones left are people who are no longer playing. It's also alphabetized instead of sorted by active players. It started last night and still not working this morning. I've put in a ticket.


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    It could resolve itself. Or a change is happening with Flash going away and things

    What browser are you using
    Could be something with launcher a glitch

    Are you playing on FB or Zynga side

    Hopefully they can take a look

    With them right now focused on this game going forward into the next year with the Flash discontinued other things may go to back burner

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    At least they responded back to acknowledge you and the issue. But yes with big issues or more they may be more focused on getting game to work with Launcher.

    I have not really noticed with mine as they are different depending on the platform I play on. My list on Zynga side is filled with many I do not know. Some I played games with long ago but those games are no more but never played Farmville 2 with and some even no longer FB friends too. Would love to have it sorted as to who is who but I ask of people I know I receive requests from only as well and not of others. I know some I have added from the fair as they ask me to be a neighbor. Some I accept and some I do not

    I really didn't want a huge group to keep track of.

    But hope in time either resolves or gets fixed for you

  • gameplayer2011gameplayer2011 Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 3,557 Lord of the Forums

    Well with this I checked mine and my lists are exactly the same on FB and Zynga

    My Zynga side ask list was well fuller and more and had different people there that was asking things of and even show on my Friends feed that are NO MORE in my list on Z side.

    Most on list are FB side only because do not see on Z side.

    So some think they are cleaning things out but they might be but removing ones from one platform to keep only some you know do not play or who they are.

    Yes wouldn't mind them cleaning it up but removing ones we ask things from and appear on our friends feed or such gone. And are ones in our Profile area such/friends on Z end

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    Mine went from over 2000 to 307... added to the No friends in the feed and it is pretty well impossible to progress at this point.

  • gameplayer2011gameplayer2011 Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 3,557 Lord of the Forums

    I have my list restored so can ask for items now on Zynga and Facebook. It should reset itself in a day or two
    Clear cache a couple times or more and maybe will restore. I know I did for other things so not sure if is part of why my list restored.

    But will take that list back. I wouldn't have minded a clean out of ones that I definitely do not even know or played games with Eons ago. But not even FV2

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    I have had this same problem for 6-8 months. I've played for eight years at Zynga on a Mac. I had over 4K friends. Some are old that don't play anymore, about 1K are new this year that still play.

    Around 8 months ago my friends went down to 2K. It had nothing to do with Z cleaning out old friends b/c many friends that stopped playing several years ago are still on my friends list and many of my new friends are gone. But the worst part is that since then I can only ask 324 friends for ANYTHING! No water, bottles, fert, quest items, etc, etc. I've written CS so many times and only get a "we are working on this, be patient" response and then they close the ticket without any help.

    Obviously over 8 months I've cleared my cache, rebooted, logged in/out, etc. hundreds of times.

    At level 336 it takes forever to get anything done without being able to ask all my friends for help. I used to level up 1-2 times a week but now maybe once a month. On top of that what's the point of playing a game that makes everything harder with every higher level you achieve. You should be rewarded not penalized.

    Now with no Launcher in site for Mac I'm probably done. It makes me so sad/mad. I love this game and would really miss playing but it's gotten so frustrating it's time to look for something else. And NOT from Z.

  • gameplayer2011gameplayer2011 Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 3,557 Lord of the Forums
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    Who knows if even with Launcher if it will hold for the game going forward. No full guarantee on it.

    Not sure if parent game is still going away or if trying to revive that now with Launcher

    I swore of Z games back around start of this game but figured give it a try and just like the other games it has gone the same way

    I am not way up there level wise and do not wish to be either.

    After two years and things started to really change I said here we go again.

    I am pretty much done come end of year with game. Sorry will not go with launcher. Do not trust it and more.

    Was a fun game when started but soon turned to not fun

    But for some of us the ask lists went down just recently. And for Macs probably an extended issue but the list cleared and people were back after a few days.

    But it was said something would be rolling out for those with MAC computer but whether it was true to be coming out or just talk who knows these days with Z

  • Tonya ScanlonTonya Scanlon Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1,786 The Chosen One

    well on my add as friend majority of them are already on my neighbour bar, but they reaccept n yet they still sit in my add neighbour/friend list and that is so annoying cause everytime i visit a neighbour it comes up with visit or hide, so have to be extremely careful that i dont press the hide n with contact tremor that can be hard but apparently i have 247 friends according to that add friend list n can only have 200 (if i remember rightly). But we personally cant remove them as friends like we use to now, so the only way of getting them removed is asking but they cant actually remove them from your friends list so therefore if they no longer play u will still send them requests. So what is point of all this we cant actually remove our non playing friends just remove them from neighbour bar all totally wrong.

    ADD ME:

  • gameplayer2011gameplayer2011 Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 3,557 Lord of the Forums

    Zynga has never liked us having neighbors or the ability to add/remove. They messed that area up in another game that I played a few years ago called Frontierville or Pioneer Trail when started.

    They messed with that area and it was never workable again. WE didn't have hide or such then like FV has.

    But it was like I had removed a good few that were not playing anymore at that time and a few months later bam there they were in my neighbor bar at bottom of game again after just removing them not too long ago.

    There were some things similar to FV with that game with quests started easy first year or two then they went wild with what they wanted us to do.

    Like getting 4x what we used to have to get or more.

    But it was frustrating and more with that game as remember a lot of the talk at the forum and more.

    My ask list is huge compared to my neighbor bar as don't know who a lot of them are in there.

    SO doubt will have things back like we did for the neighbor add/remove

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