Not Everyone Who Has More Points Than You Is Cheating!

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I use the tools Zynga give to me to play this game i.e. I buy Farm Bucks, I buy shovels. THESE THINGS ARE MY GAMEPLAY AND THEY'RE OPEN TO ALL PLAYERS. Don't accuse us of cheating just because we pay for things that you do not pay for. I also use in game certificates (Hungry For 24 hours, water for set time etc). NONE of this is against the rules! So get over it and stop making false allegations of cheating. If you choose to not buy a shovel then that's your choice!! It is my choice to buy a shovel and to replace that shovel for 200,000 coins per shovel. I set myself goals to try to achieve , IF I achieve it then good if not I'm not sad. BUT one thing I won't do is falsely accuse someone of cheating. Yes there are cheaters out there but it's something Zynga doesn't do much about. I left the game for a long time and only came back 3 weeks ago, but to upset the apple cart I was falsely accused of cheating and as of a result I have deleted and sold everything on my farm and will leave the game again but this time PERMANENTLY! What I couldn't sell I puit into the inventory. All other stuff I have left on the farm. I am level 97 and had 12 level 2 fields 2 level 1 water fields and 1 level 2 water fields. I had 3 silos, 6 wells, and a fuel pump supplying 45 fuel. If that's cheating then I'll eat my hat. All this has now been deleted! GOODBYE TO ZYNGA. GOODBYE TO THOSE WHO ARE JEALOUS OF THOSE WHO PAY TO PLAY THE GAME AND ACHIEVE MORE POINTS THAN YOU. (PAYING TO PLAY IS NOT A CHEAT BUT A CHOICE) I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THE BELLY ACHING PEOPLE DO JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO TAKE THE CHOICES I TAKE! GOODBYE!


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    That's all it took....bye then.
    Uhhh you do realize there seems to be a problem with people been flagged as cheating, have you read the other posts? Connected to the fall challenge

    And why would you worry what other people think anyway.

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    Well! What Shakespam said pretty much sums it up, I got the cheater message, initially was not happy, then I checked the bug forum and found i was not alone.

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    As they say in the World of Warcraft forum when someone quits, "can I have your stuff", but I see you already sold everything, for what purpose, I have no idea.. Unless you were saying to yourself.. "I'll show them!!" as if anyone cares.. 🙄

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    @Fluffy, Oh dear, I do wish you had just checked the forum before you went off on one...

    It's just Zynga messing up again, although, yes, this is one of their more spectacular efforts. Lots of people are getting the cheater message, fortunately some of them came to the forum to mention it. Anyone can see you are not a cheater, not with those scores, and such a tiny farm.

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    I checked the forums and checked the known issues too, but didn't see anything that could shed light on the issues. If this is as big as you are all saying then why didn't Zynga do a sticky post? I have cleared the farm now and I will stick to my decision to leave. @irena.p I didn't go off in one. I decided to leave the game having returned just three weeks ago! Zynga are still the company I've known many years - selfish uncaring and eager to blame the innocent and letting the cheaters prevail! In another production of theirs (YoVille (Now YoWorld ownd by BVG)) I was auto gendered as female despite being a male with a male name! Zynga really do suck!

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    No argument from me, Zynga can indeed suck .LOL, They rarely place stickies any more, Moderators are not as involved as they used to be, Support has told a few people they are aware of the issue, and they in turn relayed the info back to the forum. Game will probably be over at the end of 2020 anyhow, so you aren't missing much.

    A game with a huge international database and offices spread across the globe, names may not always be immediately recognised as one gender or the other.

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    This forum is not what it used to be. I remember as Irena said when we had Great moderators that would acknowledge us and make KNOWN ISSUE posts in that area. Now people who have bugs post there more than anything.

    Then when an issue was fixed from that time it was put in the Resolved area.

    A lot of the moderators names have even been removed from their posts eons ago it seems.

    There are a couple that pop up very rarely. But think those days of when the players were more cared about at least are gone.

    Zynga will do what they want regardless

    With the fair I do not think everyone is a cheater. I know there are ones that go all out and spend spend spend on the game and myself will not spend on these games as they are not worth it.

    We can tell people that whomever may not be cheating but ones that have a ton of water towers, windmills or more then I stay clear of those and may put them in cheater area.

    But since I don't want to be up there in that group of people who go crazy spending and more and are at level 300 to 500.

    I like where I am.

    But way things are now I would not expect things to be as they were a few years ago ever again.

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