Are there updated guides for profits and leveling that aren't 4+ years old?

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Trying to find any sort of guide for leveling as well as a guide for best profits with crops/recipes but everything I find is 4+ years old.

(Especially for low-level players as I am only level 24)



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    People change around here at the forum.

    So many guides are from a few years ago when people really started asking for them. Am sure the people who made them are no longer around

    May have to use them for now.

    Plus there are issues with new players even getting items to build things and more so you may be stuck there today.

    Many of us here are WELL WELL above level 24. I am level 174. Some are even in the 200's, 300's and more of levels.

    Who even knows where the game will go at end of year when Flash goes away fully.

    So may have to follow some of these guides for now and/or if anyone has anything different.

    This game is 8 years old. So 4 years and more is about right time I remember people making guides.

    But as said whether Forum members or moderators these people may or may not be around board anymore.

    And just not a lot of motivation to update and more these days with limited people even around the forum these days.

    But ask and search around the forum.

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    The guide for recipes for expansions may be useful to you.

    It goes to lvl 300, the person who created it then stopped playing, and no one cared to take over the fabulous job he made of it.

    Recipes for"Profit", things change all the time in the game, even the Forum software changed and a lot of good stuff was lost. The search for the forum is next to useless.. Since the current Kitchen and workshop were upgraded, (Before your time) it is easy to see what recipes are best for your level, by simply choosing recipes from the drop down menu, choosing COIN XP etc. Making a use guide would just be too much work.

    More info is found on FV2 wiki.

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