Misión del tractor imposible

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tenía 2 años sin jugar y de verdad uno regresa y es lo mismo, misiones imposibles y ahora le agregan el factor azar para obtener las cartas que se necesitan. Ya de por si es difícil terminar las misiones y no te dan las cartas, todo para que se tenga que gastar dinero. Como que me voy a ir otros 2 años.


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    Money is all they care about. They want you to spend and more. Taking a break and coming back a year or two later wasn't going to change the game for better.

    Too many think that and sorry to say not the case. You DO NOT have to do the tractor if you do not want to.

    Yes it was a nice feature but they think what they want with putting things together. Like how can I get them to spend money.

    No one says you have to spend on the game. That is your choice. You do not have to do anything but farm with this game if you want.

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    The plane if you have it does the same job without having to refill. The only thing it doesn't do is harvest
    The broken down tractor is a lovely decoration on your farm for now

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    Yes the tractor quest is impossible without spending money. I ignored the watering and fertilizing features as the plane will do those for free. I have tried to upgrade the size of the plot the tractor covers and the amount of fuel it will hold but have only managed to upgrade twice. I won't spend money on it so I've basically left it as it currently is and will sometimes use it to plant or harvest.

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