Zynga Feed panel and profile

CrazyhorseladyCrazyhorselady Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 21 Delightful Duckling

I am new to Zynga and am still learning how to use it, one thing I have yet to figure out 100% is the feed panel I know you can collect items, post for help, and help as well there but, after a certain amount of clicks on either collecting items like bottles for example it tells me to try again and it does this with players requesting help as well has it always been like this? Also I can't figure out how to access my profile on the game when I do the game covers the screen so I can't send requests for Zfriends that I know are active players or anything for that matter. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Click to add as Zfriend >>> https://zyngagames.com/profile/80584283478


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