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Ok my husband and I have started playing farmville 2 and he is new I started my game back up from quite a few years back (I think 2014), but he is having huge issues getting items he has to ask for to complete quests as he is still a low level he is also having issues getting friends. He isn't playing on Facebook he is playing on Zynga as am I. We are both having issues obtaining items you must ask friends for, like hammers (for his hen house goat shed etc) things that can't be obtained by random chance from a mystery gift but you must ask a friend for them. I know this has been an issue but has anyone been able to find a way to continue playing with this issue? My husband likes the game but he is about to give up, because he can't get anywhere he pretty much is slowly grinding to a halt. I have tried to help him but the notifications don't go through he has tried the same for me and it's the same. We just don't know what to do. any advise would really help us out.

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