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I think limiting what a person collects is unfair. If I need 12 bottles I should be able to collect 12 bottles, and then you limit quest items so it sometimes takes days to accomplish, some of us don't have a zillion neighbors that play. I say lighten up on all these "Daily limit reached" let us play the game and actually enjoy it.


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    The game has been this way for 8 years. They want you to work for your items and more. 12 is the limit for a lot of things in your inventory. Use the bottles then fill up to 12 again.

    Myself probably never wanted you to hoard items so I can understand limits.

    This has been suggested before and many suggestions go by wayside. But not alone am sure. If new to game it will be hard if don't have a fair amount of neighbors to help you out.

    Go to the neighbors section and post something am sure if on Zynga or Facebook can find many of us as well.

    Myself I don't care for 3000 people to send things too. But 100 is a nice round number but neighbors even on neighbor bar at bottom don't want a ton to go through either.

    But I still get my items a little slower today but do get them if current. It is hard for newbies to get items these days as so many probably have long past the mission may be working on.

    But need to make due with your sources. Learn how to use inbox area with bottles etc and more that you receive there.

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    I know it has been like this for 8 years, I started playing when it first came out. But I also had a lot of friends and neighbors, but most have quit playing. I am not trying to hoard anything but when you need to buy 3 animals @ 6 bottles each for a quest then I think I should be able to collect 18 bottles for the quest. I am not a beggar in this game and I hate having to send request to the same people over and over again. I know how to use my inbox like I said I have been playing from the start.

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    The aim of the developers for this game is to make money. We are lucky to be able to play for free. As you said you have played this game from the start.
    You could send them a suggestion but it won't go anywhere.

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