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Please for the love of cow just activate my account manually.

I started new farm today and after over 12 hours I still have no registry confirmation email. I've waited and checked every part of my mailbox. When I try to resent the email from the game page it asks me to try again later but I've tried many times already and the pop up is all the same - unable right now, try again later.

I've sent the issue ticket but there's no response. And I don't suppose there will be.

HELP. ME. Please.


  • gameplayer2011gameplayer2011 Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 2,886 Lord of the Forums

    There is nothing we can do here. Support is not here. This is a players only forum. Take it up with support. Link is in my signature.

    You should get a confirmation in your email address. Check your spam mail or set a filter to allow email from support. You should have gotten to start an automated response saying thank you for your inquiry or such.

    With accounts they are PRIVATE and you have to deal with things like this in a private manner and more too.

    With the health crisis support may not fully be available.

    But if didn't get the automated response back to your ticket then possibly your ticket did not go through. Try again.

    But this is what has been said with many other threads when people are not getting replies on their tickets for an issue they might have.

    Nothing more can be done here at the forum. Take it back to support again.

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