Farmville 2 on a tablet?

NosremmozNosremmoz Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User New to the Forums
My mother recently got a new tablet and she can't get her farm loaded onto her tablet. She played the game on Facebook and wants to keep her farm from Facebook and play it on her tablet.


  • sharonannesharonanne The Chosen One Posts: 861Registered User Grand Poohbah

    Can't do it. I've tried. There are some browsers that bypass the need for flash but they've never worked very well for me.

    Please and thanks

  • Wendy_Clark1Wendy_Clark1 Posts: 47Registered User, Facebook Connect User Building Expert

    @Nosremmoz you CANNOT play FV2 on a tablet .... the graphics and memory requirements alone make it impossible to play on a tablet .... she will rather have to play FV2 Country Escape on her tablet, as that is designed to be able to be played on mobile devices

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