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Found this thread in Bugs and it really should be in Discussions given all the great info in it about the Tractor:

(it answered a question I posted a few minutes ago about having on Sets A & B)


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    The Smiley face should be a

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    @slysquire said:
    The Smiley face should be a

    lol, I thought for a moment there, that you were using some kind of code. :p

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    every time I make oil I have to reload the game anyone else having this issue

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    I've read in the numerous threads about the tractor, that quite a few people are having that problem, yep. Probably uses up a lot of memory to complete the function, and FV2 is already a RAM hog. If you also have launcher, also a memory muncher, your PC may be struggling, you will just have to keep refreshing throughout your gameplay.

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    @castlclenr said:
    every time I make oil I have to reload the game anyone else having this issue

    I agree with Irena.P about the memory. Not having your problem, but even with a newish gaming laptop, I have to constantly refresh. On Tuesdays when the new quest comes out, I usually have to refresh 4 to 5 times to get the new quest to come through. When our Co-op hits goal and the bloom comes, I have to refresh to get it to bloom. Now,suddenly for no reason, the game will go to white screen and I have to refresh to make it re-appear.

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    There's just no way - even at my level of 357 and with my resources - that I can possibly complete the easiest Tractor upgrade:

    The ONLY way to get the Radiator is to complete a HARD task. No way can I complete the 4 remaining parts of Dream Renovation in 4 days. Same is true for completing 60 Orders in 4 days. At least not without spending mega FB$.

    With so few players doing the Tractor Factor and way too many active quests, there are few posts of needed items. Add to that the 3.5 days (Thursday p.m. to Monday a.m. for me) with the ZFriends Activity feed broken, well the whole things screams failure.

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    For some reason I got the tractor 2 weeks early without having to pay. I really tried to finish the upgrade - did a number of hard tasks but I needed two radiators and eventually only got one. For some maso-chistic reason I decided to try a different upgrade this time (oil upgrade) and now have 3 days left. For the past 4 days, I have been missing one item (a tyre) - yet again a hard item like the radiator. I have turned in 3 hard tasks since I got to needing just the one and no tyre - yet I got the first two tyres I needed quickly. Customer service says it's random (but I don't believe this). I have an opportunity to finish two more hard tasks before time runs out, but am far from hopeful. I just fail to see the reason behind creating all these increasingly difficult tasks (including in regular game play also), if they want to keep players happy. I have lost half my co-op over the last several months and constantly see comments about people quitting. This just makes no sense unless they want people to quit - in that case, they are doing a great job.

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