Opening at Eco Source co-op Nov 2019

PAKPAK Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 93 Chocolatier

Eco Source has one November 2019 (1-2 more are pending.)

We are a robust group of farmers, varying levels. We meet our weekly goals and receive the weekly bonus favors. :D Eco Source co-op started April 2017 and we are still going!

Our FB group page is optional: Rules posted there.

We are a laid back co-op, so basic rules nothing strenuous. Our motto: We share and have fun.

We like to use the co-op's message board for communications.

Per Zynga it is best to use the "Leave" button in the 1st co-op tab before joining another co-op.

The best way to join a co-op is to go to your co-op, open, go to the last tab, choosing the search tab, type in Eco Source then click to join.

Farm on! Looking forward to meeting you!

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