“Adopt an American Shorthair Kitten!” cinematic not completing, can’t play game.

FunWithBryanFunWithBryan Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

Greetings I am having the issue. In the “Adopt an American Shorthair Kitten!” cinematic, after I click the 2 talking bubbles, the cinematic does not complete. The characters just keep standing around. There is no arrow to click and no more talking bubbles. I tried clicking all over the screen but this does nothing.

I tried reloading the window, logging out and back in with no success. I am playing on a PC using the latest updated version of windows 10. I am using the latest Firefox browser (Quantum 69.0 (64-bit) it’s up to date) through the Zynga website. I can see things moving around on my farm so it looks like the overall game is not locking up or freezing.


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