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Does anyone else have a problem with adding animals to their barn. When I feed the animals in the barn, the barn freezes up and I cannot add any adult animals. I have refreshed, cleared cachet and played through the Farmville 2 Launch. Nothing seems to work to get this fixe. Reporting doesn't help, Zynga ignores all requests.


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    If you have the Collie dog, put it in your inventory, when it barks at the barn it freezes up.

    When you can open the barn, go in and remove all animals with less than 3 feeds left, or any that may have prized out and not been auto kicked out.

    If you have any otters or turtles in there, remove them, because when they prize out, they get a yellow box around them, which makes them unresponsive until you refresh. This freezes up the barn also.

    ADD ME. Zfriends welcome, not adding any new neighbours.

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    As I wrote Yesterday in an other thead:

    Usually I feed my animals using the 5 different trough's. When I have an otter in the barn it will NOT be feed, if it is outside it will. (Wool, fur and raisin).
    Often there are not responding animals in the barn, but if I feed all 5 trough's (and have a 5 min chicken in the barn), the rest will be ready when the 5 min timer run out unless there is an otter inside.

    NOTE: all this only worked after I had placed the coley dog in inventory. Every time It barked at my barn it was locked until I refreshed the game.

    Game is in fact different for different players, since they use different servers and they vary a bit, but what I wrote has worked for me more than a year now.

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