Great.. now it's not even counting what I craft (Fairytale Alcove)

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So FV2 has been a mess for.. well years. But at least it was playable-somewhat. And no, that stupid launcher+ is garbage so don't say "just install the launcher!" I already tried (and still try it) and it has almost no good improvements, except there isn't a giant goddang ad saying "TRY OUR LAUNCHER"

The issue now, on top of the others that are years old and still not resolved, is that the current event about to end, Fairytale Alcove isn't recording how many I make of things.

For example, I need to make a whopping 43 Sauteed broccoli dishes... I've made 37, I can sell 37, but only 28 of them have counted. Considering the 12 water, 24 broccoli, and 24 onions they take - EACH- this is pretty horrid. (and who thought 43 was fine for this? that's 516 water, 1,032 broccoli and 1,032 onions just for this one task!)

Considering the Mountain Stew also needs a considerable amount (33 stews with 9 water, 18 onion and 10 carrots each) the amount of Onions alone in this event is off the freaking charts, and for a 12 hour crop- this pushes a huge time restraint on players.

Anyway it says I've made 30/43 Sauteed Broccoli dishes but in reality I've made over 39 - to find that out I was selling items and noticed I had more to sell than what was counted in the challenge list "A Royal Pain!" is at least appropriately named, as this is a giant pain. It's stalled doing other parts of the event as well as used all of my water constantly

So I have 7 days to figure out what is causing this, recoup the "losses" having at the time of typing this over 9 crafted not being accounted for, and still hit all the time sensitive windows for other quests/events going on.

This is quickly becoming "an impossible feat" and Zynga needs to slow down. Forcing all these events one after another with all the timers is becoming a nightmare to gamers. Sure we love new things to do, just not literally do everything now all at once in this 2 week period or you can't finish any of them.

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