Your New FV2 Launcher download

AngelizsAngelizs Clueless CookiePosts: 12Registered User Pumpkin

I am afraid that this download is causing me much grief! Since installing it, I have had problems with every aspect of using Face-book, especially within the chat area and my feed. It is causing my farm to load extremely slow, (which is new for me), my posts sometimes are hidden behind the actual page of my farm. (like 2pages in one). Any Attempts to change the 'text' size, do not work, as the button to change, does nothing. (there is no choice of text size- nothing!) AND many times I simply get a white page, with all the info at the top "Play Free Gifts Invite Add Farm Bucks & Coins Redeem Help Personal Data Request " and bottom....but just white! worse than Adobe!!!!!!!!


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