Dance Academy, Bonus Quest, Dance Fever! 4/4, Craft 3 Medicated Candies. Shows I have 0 cranberries.

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Each candy takes 8 Cranberries and 3 Pet Pills. You have to ask friends for the Pet Pills. I have 3,910 cranberries in my inventory but it shows 0/8 cranberries. I tried planting, harvesting, and drying a field of cranberries but it still shows 0/8 cranberries. Is anyone else having this problem?

UPDATE: I tried some different things and here's what worked. It only counts the cranberries that you plant from the recipe in the Crafting Kitchen. When you select plant under cranberries it will let you plant one field. You will have to go back through the quest to get the recipe again to plant another field.


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