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Is it possible to just give us less new buildings at one time? It gets too complicated doing too many buildings at once, and makes my farm a lot less fun! 3 new buildings in less than a week and haven't gotten done with the quests from the others, I'm getting frustrated!


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    The weekly quests are normal and when that is done it goes away or can store
    The outside quests are come as you get

    This has been issue with some for a good few years

    Like many suggestions we have had it will not happen.

    Plus you do not have to build or do the quests. If I do not I let t sit till time is up. It will either go away or go to inventory.

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    What level are you, if relatively new, you may be getting bombarded with a LOT of quests. The game is over six years old, so that is a lot of catching up to do, and Zynga just keeps on throwing things at you, without a pause to catch your breath. Just pick and choose, which quest gives you something you really want. Reading the forum, after doing a search,will give you a good idea of some of the nastier aspects of the " Special Quests" such as Song Birds, all of the Puppies, the cats, some of them are worth doing, others, do not touch even with someones elses barge pole....
    IMO , never ever complete the song birds "1st edition" you do NOT want those horrible hazards on your farm, The Herding Dog, most people have stored it in their inventory it locks up your farm.
    Worth focusing on is Family member training, they are pretty helpful, so train them all fully.

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