Unable to post for items or use the support on game for issues.Farmville 2

Neustrom2Neustrom2 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 New to the Forums

Everytime I go to post for items or ask for neighbors help I get the :Invalid user and to please log in' This only happens when I play on Chrome which I like. I can play on Safari but it sucks as I have other issues. I have redeemed cards and it is costing me too much money when Iam not allowed to play my game.

Another issue is the National Fair. No matter what I do I can never past my opponent as soon as I get to 7,500 etc they automatically jump to 18,000 or some ridiculous amount and I can't see their status or stats as to what level they are at or what shovel they are using. Is it worth me buying Diamond shovels anymore? Never had this problem before. Frustrated!!


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