Farmville 2 will not load after upgrade

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Farmville 2 will not finish loading in the browser two days after installing the launcher. Is anyone else having this problem? This is after a 5 minute wait. Screen capture attached.


  • WitchieWiz4023WitchieWiz4023 Lord of the Forums Posts: 8,846Registered User Lord of the Forums

    Uninstall it

    Think this feature is very bugged and not worth it. See what happens with gone. I do not use it and can get items great

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    I have been using the launcher had no problems with it. But yesterday all I get is the white screen.. still get the white screen . I'm using chrome.. when I go to Edge browser I can play.slow bc of flash.. I don't have the launcher on there. I don't think it's the launcher though.

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    I have downloaded and installed this feature 4 times. Never once has it opened the game. I also get that stupid white field where the game should be. I emailed support. They told me to clear my cache, make sure Chrome is current and a couple others. All of which I had told them I already did. It didn't work then and I did all that again ( since they said to) IT DOESN'T WORK. I read somewhere on forums that the launcher isn't compatible with Chrome, but now I can't find where it was posted. I have given up. And now my game is scrolling to the top of the page about every two or three minutes every time I play. Murphy's Law If anything can go wrong it will. is what the game should be called.

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    Support will always tell you with the issues you are having to do all the troubleshooting steps on your end.
    Clearing cache/refresh, try another browser and more

    Launcher I think they released first with Chrome then were trying with other browsers.

    I downloaded it but started having some issues so uninstalled it with the time of it having the Water Tower upgrades. Now think they are offering something else to download it

    I had downloaded it a few times before and gotten the horse they gave then. Wanted another of the horses but would uninstall. Have a better time on Chrome and allowing flash each time a lot better

    Chrome could be with their updates making it so it counter acts the launcher or something so try another browser or uninstall depending on if want to use it.

    The scrolling issue I do not have and have not had and have played on Chrome for some time with no major issues in many months.

    So must be lucky somehow or something to not have all the loading issues and more.

    Edge and IE are not compatible browsers to use with this game as they are not compatible with flash and more so use Firefox or something else

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    I have the scrolling issue on Chrome, and I don't even have the launcher, I read somewhere is has to do with your resolution settings and a broken frame. I can only play in Full screen on Chrome, but as I rarely if ever use it, I don't really care to fiddle with my PC settings. I use FireFox or Opera with no scrolling issues at all.

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