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    Myself I don't even bother with those people who are cheaters. Yes with the fair they are not guaranteed cheaters. Now if they have the ton of water towers then yes I would regard them as that but many want to regard everyone that is high up level wise or something more that is money spending heavy as those with high points.

    Myself I am back at County Fair and loving it as I really am not focused on fair anymore. Yes if I make my quota farming or such with doing missions if am doing one then fine.

    But otherwise I am not even messing with the fair anymore

    I play my game my way and don't even worry about every little detail with game anymore as many want to that still play

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    People have been complaining about and reporting cheaters for so long. There have been cheaters in my friends toolbar for years, yet nothing gets done. Not a single one of them has been removed.

    So I have a new theory: Zynga likes the fact that there are cheaters. Think about it. If someone is a cheater, they were never going to spend money in the first place. But the legit players who have a competitive streak, they will pay money to buy shovels and resources so they can win at the fair.

    This spawns a vicious cycle where people will be playing against more and more cheaters the more that they use diamond shovels. It's a lose-lose proposition for the legit player, but a net-positive for Zynga since they are gaining revenue from people who are trying to beat the cheaters.

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