Farmville2 X-Press No Full Screen

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Yet AGAIN, the full screen button has gone missing. The new X-Press extension for Chrome does not work. I have updated Chrome, downloaded the extension to Chrome, relaunched the browers, restarted my computer multiple times and it STILL DOES NOT WORK.

I play Farmville2 on the Zynga site because it does run well on Facebook.


  • Jewels99Jewels99 Posts: 1,030Registered User, Facebook Connect User Pet Queen

    Uninstall the X-press. Not worth the hassle and as said above doesn't help improve play or anything.

    On FB just the FV 2 Buddy thing and I don't play on FB just for things here and there. I play on Zynga side.

    You will just have to work through on your computer. Find another browser to play on or what are your computer specifications and more with playing

    Find a way that you can play at least for now.

    As said no Outright Tech Support just basic

  • nige1875nige1875 Loose Cannon Posts: 569Registered User Goldsmith

    Your two issues are separate. Lack of full screen button - check hardware acceleration is enabled. Could be something else, but first thing I'd check.
    What is it about X-Press that does not work? As said, it just auto-enables Flash and has Buddy built in. Check you're actually running Chrome 69 and do a cache clear with the install.

  • Shebasue10Shebasue10 Posts: 28Registered User, Facebook Connect User Clueless Cookie

    No full screen option I also can not play this game without it Guess that I will take a break from this game until I can get it back Honestly I just don't feel like messing with it since the option is not on any browser or on playing on FB

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