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Howdy, Farmers! The #FarmVille2OnWeb team is eager to hear all your opinions on how to further make Farming the most enjoyable experience! Let us know in the comments below. #HappyWeekend! #SundaySuggestions


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    There have been many suggestions. What are you doing with them ?

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    To make Farmville the most enjoyable experience, you need to fix the things many players are unhappy with. You have had that suggested to you over and over and over for years.

    This includes for example

    • a way to avoid spending farmbucks by mistake.
    • give each player control over their neighbour bar so that they can remove inactive neighbours.
    • deal with obvious cheaters

    To make the game enjoyable for new players, you really need to limit what you throw at them. Give them a chance to complete one thing at the time.

    1. Limit the number of events that can be active at the same time.

    On top of the 3 weekly quests on a rolling scedule that all players have, and the expansions to get, a new player has

    • permanent side quests.
    • Basic buildings: mud wallow, spinning wheel, youghurt creamery, all the prized animal buildings.

    There is family training, 3 family members to train and several areas to unlock. Lots of things to farm, to craft, to post and ask for.

    Then we have nurseries, each with an associated quest, and if I remember correct also a crop packet as a reward for some or eventually all of them. Do not give a new player all the nurseries at the same time, space them out in time at least 2-3 weeks apart from each other to give the player a chance complete them and time to enjoy the crop packet.

    Then there are the events, each with multiple sections, lots of farming, posting and crafting:

    • Dogs, cats, roosters
    • Dolphin
    • Songbirds
    • Ranger Jane and all other permanent events that sit in the spot just to the right of the co-op building.
    • Grand restoration
    • .... and I am sure there is more

    Too much at the same time. Set limits in the game, spread it out in time. Example of what I mean:

    • Do not give a new player cats, dogs or other animals until at least one family member is fully through family training. Let the new player focus on the basics first.
    • Not more than 1 (or 2?) of the permanent events active at the same time (I currently have 4 = ranger Jane, Dolphin, songbirds and pet theater).
    • Or, if you choose to not limit the number of events active, make sure to space them out instead and let at least 3 weeks pass between adding each new event, since a player normally has 4 weeks to complete the event.
    • Or if you don't want to limit it that way, spread it out by levels, over a LOT more levels than it is now. Levelling up is so much faster nowadays than it was when the game was new, so some content could be moved to higher levels than it is now. Use every 10 levels for something, and not more than one new thing per 10 levels.

    2. Reuse more post items instead of adding new, when you add a new event to the game.

    It is HARD to get post items to craft with for the older permanent events. Please consider to reuse some of the post items that are already in game. That way, the items will appear in the feed on regular basis, and a new player has a chance to collect them.


    Boar bristles, rhine stones, knitting needles and a few others = items that are used in several different events. They have permanent recepies in the workshop so that any player can post for them no matter if they have a certain event active or not. This is GOOD, I would like to see more of that, since it would make it a LOT easier to collect the post items. (for this to work, of course suggestion 1 has to be put into place first, or we will find ourselves with 4 different tasks all needing knitting needles!)

    (The opposite is things like ranger herbs (a player can only post for it when they have ranger Jane active), fabric strips (a player can only post for it when they have the songbirds active), bungee cords (only when you have the rooster active) and so on.... Those items are extreemly hard to get which is very discouraging and many players give up. The only chance to get enough is helpful players who click the items even though they have no use for them. Please do not add more of this kind of post items. )

  • marilynm541marilynm541 Loose Cannon Registered User Posts: 9 Loose Cannon

    Put the Farmville game generator back on because many of us cannot complete the quests without it. Otherwise many will quit playing and one will be me. I don't pay $19 a month to have things taken away and not be able to complete the quests.

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    @marilynm541 said:
    Put the Farmville game generator back on because many of us cannot complete the quests without it. Otherwise many will quit playing and one will be me. I don't pay $19 a month to have things taken away and not be able to complete the quests.

    That site had nothing to do with Zynga, it was a third party CHEAT site, Zynga went through legal channels to have them taken down. The $19 a month you choose to pay for VIP, gets you exactly what it promised you, an animal, some farmbucks some water. It never promised you Generated gifts of your choice. That was some random hackers brainchild who piggy backed off Zynga's game for a very long time.

    You can probably thank the cheat sites for making the game more difficult, the number of required items higher.

    Millions of players manage quite well without using Cheat sites.

    ADD ME. Zfriends welcome, not adding any new neighbours.

    SUPPORT If your in game "contact us" button is missing, use this.

    Country Escape Forum


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    Zygna could correct the cheating farms by deleting all the extra cheat stuff when they are reported.

  • Marie PrynychMarie Prynych Dramachine Registered User Posts: 836 Forum Meister

    Why can't we have all the same per each level.I have some of my freinds needing much less xp's to reach levels.?

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    Please delete the racing barn pop-up which asks me to place the racing barn. I don't want it and I am tired of getting the pop-up. If you had "Don't ask me again," on the pop-up that would help. Thank you.

    :)Thank you!

  • Colleen MurphyColleen Murphy Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 7,410 Lord of the Forums

    I want to see the remove button for neighbors again, so many not playing anymore. With those abandoned farms, we can not add any new players.

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    These suggestions are noted, Farmers. Thank you.

  • pjb2514pjb2514 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 19 Muffin

    I think each time we level up, we should get some favors. It really takes too long to get enough favors to increase water, power, etc. Thanks.

  • neen03neen03 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 9 Loose Cannon

    I think we should have the option to store or sell items like the race barn the painting challenge the help your farmer anything you put on our farms you need to let us have the option if we wont to do them. Its very annoying to have something you don't want. Also the cancel button needs to be able to cancel somethings if we click on something by mistake, it is called the cancel button and it does not cancel anything. Happy Farming Everyone

  • Jewels99Jewels99 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1,030 Pet Queen

    You do not have to do the missions or anything yes if things are permanent they are that till we whine for a year to have removed then maybe will but still do not ha e to do mission or such with the release or the weekly build quest. So you basically are placing things only. I am doing only what I care to do. The helping hands and paint thing just sit there as not doing them. Really do not bother me. I do not focus on everything with game as game is just that a game and not something I want to police

  • Colleen MurphyColleen Murphy Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 7,410 Lord of the Forums

    Let US remove friends and neighbors. There are so many not playing.

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