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    On main account, the problem is usually to stay below coin cap, since I don't want the farm any larger. If I for one reason or another want an expansion, I have a huge inventory, so I normally just sell off some heirloom fruit / flowers without crafting them.

    On newbie account, I am trying to find out. As I level up, I look through my kitchen sorted for coins, and make sure to pay attention to both amount of power and amount of raw materials. So far, fishing is outstanding. I fish as much as I can, growing cranberries for bait. I craft heirloom recepies when possible, heirloom fish recepies when available.

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    The prized reward chicken from the hen house is worth 60,000 coin. I started this thread for those players are needing coins.

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    I get quite enough coins from completing my orders. If I don't, I go to my store and just sell off whatever comes first in the boxes (because I'm lazy like that :p). Obviously, they're the most expensive items. But even doing so, hasn't made a dent into my crafted items. I have way too much of them.

    p.s. When needing 90 million coins for an expansion, 60 thousand doesn't seem so much.

    _ Shut up and do it._ :)

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