The 36 hour Insta grow machine

eaherrmanneaherrmann Clueless CookieRegistered User Posts: 20 Delightful Duckling

Very disappointed that I purchased the Package special they we're offering, that included the 36 Hour Insta grow machine, ONLY to find out everything goes into your inventory accept that, and it starts your 36 hours immediately!!!
So i guess I take a loss, cause I have no time to play now!!! It should be able to go in your inventory like everything else OR it should state that it has to be use IMMEDIATELY!!!

Very Disappointing...


  • pcpattypcpatty Loose Cannon Registered User Posts: 6 Loose Cannon

    Won a 117 minute automatic fertilize and not only did it start immediately it also cancels out my ability to use a water certificate. What good does being given an 117 booster but only being able to 130 water plus a couple farm hands? I am out of water with 90 minutes left, leaves me wondering why the heck I am wasting time on this game when there are others that don't cheat their players like Farmville does.

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