How Do You Report a Possible Cheater?

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For some time now I've been seeing posts on facebook about people who are using cheat engines to play the game, and many of these post pictures of why they think someone is cheating. Things such as multiple water towers or other buildings that non-cheaters have one of, or with the national state fair, people are showing that the player that is first on the leaderboard is up thousands of points seconds after the state fair winner has been declared.
This morning that happened in my state fair leaderboard. Someone is over 239,000 points that was not even ON the leaderboard yesterday - at all. The rest of us are 79,000 and below and the top 3 all use the sapphire shovels and things were going as normal until this morning.
How does someone that was not even part of the leaderboard yesterday (I know this because the name is weird and I always watch to see who is competing), get to that high of a score without cheating and what do we do about it?
I clicked on "report abuse" but nothing happened so evidently that link doesn't work.
I just think it's unfair when those of us who choose to play by the rules and don't use cheat engines, are now wasting our efforts because there is no way to beat that person.
What do you suggest?


  • luvschocolates69luvschocolates69 Loose Cannon Registered User Posts: 13 Pumpkin

    Thanks for the reply - you're probably right, they don't care. Probably not worth the hassle of reporting it. I just find it odd that someone who wasn't on the board at all yesterday showed up in first place so suddenly. Hope they can sleep at night :wink:

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    I can understand how you feel,I have people on my co-op that have many water towers and extra animal barns so I have never won Farmer of the week because even when I have the lead going into the last day one of them will put up 40 in one day and beat me by 20 something.I have reported it and nothing happens.

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    I came here for the first time today because of this problem. It totally takes the fun of playing. A player appeared yesterday with over half a million points for the Fair, like how? in TWO DAYS?!

  • luvschocolates69luvschocolates69 Loose Cannon Registered User Posts: 13 Pumpkin

    I agree Mickey, there is no chance for anyone else to compete when a cheater shows up and it discourages people from even bothering to try. There needs to be a way for us to report them right on the screen. If they are legit and just using farmbucks or high point shovels, fine, but if they are using a cheat engine, Zynga needs to ban them from the game. Fair is fair. Sorry you are dealing with it too.

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    These games are not monitored 24/7 and never have for how people are playing. If they are a legit cheater it is too bad but people can make the points they do and more. If have the multiple buildings and more things might say they are more of a cheater but still not completely

    Have played Zynga games for a long time and pretty much know their routines and this game as well.

    Not a lot will change so if going to keep on trucking through with game but Money making with this game trumps watching every soul who is playing and they don't have the man power for that either of the monitoring

    As said above don't focus on competing with the fair and more, don't buy shovels and don't use them if you have them. Lose and may be down more with some your level. If you start using and buying all the shovels you may be put in with the group you are and may not like some you are grouped with.

  • luvschocolates69luvschocolates69 Loose Cannon Registered User Posts: 13 Pumpkin

    I took a long shot and sent the cheater a z-friend request and surprisingly, they accepted. So I went to their farm to see what's going on and how they could be cheating. This is what I found - what do you think of the black squares that I've circled? I have no idea what they are. When I went back to my farm, those same types of squares showed up but in each one, there is a building and it shows up once the game is fully loaded. On her's they did not -so they appear to be hidden buildings - but what? I went to her farm several times and nothing changed but on my own farm, those types of squares are always filled with a building of some kind.
    Then I highlighted the leaderboard to show you how much further ahead she is than me. My farm is huge compared to hers but the only difference is that she has more crops than I do and maybe she's using multiple sapphire shovels with high point crops. I don't know. Just seems so odd that she was not on the leaderboard one day and the next she's 200,000+ points and at the top. What am I missing?
    Do you folks see something I don't? Just curious.

  • WitchieWiz4023WitchieWiz4023 Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 8,846 Lord of the Forums

    I would not have done these steps and more of adding them as a neighbor and more. Whether they TRULY are cheating remains to be seen and more things.

    Focus on your game and not making the fair a competition

  • nige1875nige1875 Loose Cannon Registered User Posts: 859 Grand Poohbah

    Have you actually got buildings there on you own farm? To be honest, they just look like graphics glitches to me.

  • MissChrisTXMissChrisTX Black Sheep of ze Internet Registered User Posts: 147 Saint Spontaneous

    They are "graphic glitches". Graphics card can't handle it. Leave your farm, go back and revisit this neighbor and you will see what 's there.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!! <3

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