When will I get Capt. Jack?

DeirdreBuchannonDeirdreBuchannon Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 11 Pumpkin

I am wondering how long I have to wait until I also get Capt. Jack's Riverside port. It seem everyone else has it & I don't. I'm on level 117 & there are others that have it on lower levels.


  • thousandaysthousandays Captain Obvious Registered User Posts: 2,109 Lord of the Forums

    What level you are doesn't matter re when you get special features or not. Not every player gets everything, unfortunately. There is no ETA. You might get it next month, next year, or never. There's no way to tell.

  • Susy ElizabethSusy Elizabeth Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 6,334 Lord of the Forums

    I know a lot of people who like it and work it. It's worth having.

    _ Shut up and do it._ :)

  • meridienmeridien Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 16 Muffin

    I have it but it is becoming too difficult to play, I super feed my animal for sometimes NO rich products, which is a waste of my time and materials, my boat is stuck onshore, pretty sure it shouldn't be there but it was the only place it would let me put it. I like to be challenged, but I really get ticked off when I am set up to fail.

  • Pepper19Pepper19 Investigator Registered User Posts: 855 Grand Poohbah

    I kinda like it. It gives me something to do when I'm done with everything else. I don't try and win it every week because then my orders get a little crazy. I'd rather they get rid of the ugly dock for the dolphin!! Don't need it...don't use it....pushes my pearl diving way off to the side.

    Funny how everyone has different opinions about stuff :smile:

  • CarlEddyCarlEddy Social Snowflake Registered User Posts: 1,757 The Chosen One

    My guess is that ROB will disappear like the Gourmet Farm, if they change to HTML5. Very few is working it. I have done it once in a while, but to make it 'doable' i have to have long brakes to make the amount go down. Just now I am at a point where it will take me at lease 11 weeks to get to 'something' (level two fields).

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