how do I procedure in the river part of farmville 2

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I have missed the discussion on how to procedure in river part of farmville 2. I have hundreds of dubloons and don't know what to do with them.

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    Just like with your main farm you can upgrade and get Fields and upgrade them so far the Doubleoons let you buy things from the Rich side of things like a Rich Field where you will get Rich Crops etc and can upgrade them.

    You can spend them by clicking on the Maroonish Red button down in lower right corner the button after your Inventory Button. Hover over that button and you will see a Blue Button and a Yellow the Yellow is if you want to buy Rich Fields with your Doubloons and you will need favors and other things.

    The Blue Button is if you want Regular Fields/Water Tower/Windmill, and Groves etc.

    The Yellow is for the Rich Order Board side if want to get things there.


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