In Zynga - how do I leave gifts in the inbox?

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How do I close my inbox with gifts still in it?
How do I open my game without opening my inbox?
Thank you.

currently Level 171

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    Read this excellent guide on how to use your inbox. It will explain all of your questions.
    Clearing your notifications is fine, it is a useless list of what has already gone into your inventory, if you had reached the limit on anything during this, it will be lost into the great Zynga void.

    Gifts. use at your leisure when you have some space to use the gifted resources of water. fert, or the weird useless stuff like metal and bricks... People send those in the mistaken belief they are sending water btw...

    HELP /REQUEST,,, ohhhh lovely lovely give one get one, a fabulous source of baby bottles, water and fert... but you need to have SPACE to accept them or,,, yep great Zynga void awaits them..

    SUPPORT If your in game "contact us" button is missing, use this.


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