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I've created at least 2 support tickets mentioning this problem but it hasn't been fixed yet, so I have been ignoring the Rich Quest/Captain Jack stuff for the past 7 weeks or more.

## Would one of the moderators take note of this post and help me, please?

Problem # 1:
Since leveling up, I have not been able to advance into the next county or even into the next town, despite having "won" the order board 4 weeks in a row. Eventually I just stopped playing since I wasn't getting any rewards, but if you guys would help advance me like normal, I'd play it again.

Problem # 2:
(and this may seem minor to you, but believe me, it's even MORE important than the first issue)
At the moment I upgraded my riverboat, Flash went a little wonky on me and my boat dropped IN THE MIDDLE OF MY FARM! :'(:'(:'(:'(
I haven't been able to move it since, and it's really in the way.
I urgently request that Support move it into the River where it belongs, OR (if that is not possible) simply place it into my Inventory.

Honestly, even if it's necessary to keep the boat on the green in order to play the board, I'd rather have the extra space and not be able to play this one aspect of the game.

Thanks SO much for paying attention to this!! That giant thing has been there all summer, being a pain.


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