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My workshop is requiring a very high amount of craftable items needing hedgehog woodchips of a very high number, right now I have 3 different crafts which require a total of 438 woodchips to get a total of only 12 design points, I have all 4 slots open as I have 9 hedgehogs, but it would take me forever to get enough woodchips to get this low amount of points. when I have to get 180 points to complete the quest, this is outlandish. Someone needs to look at the number of items and the number of chips you get per hedgehog to see this is unreasonable for someone to accomplish... I am very disappointed :'( that this is so unrealistic and unfair.


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    A lot of missions for some will require a lot of amounts of item. Been a part of the game for a good while now. You are not alone with frustrations in amount of items needed.

    But not a lot can do at this time with what is required

    I have had times where the quest on Facebook needs so much and the quest on Zynga may need less but as I have my Facebook game synced to Zynga so I play either place and do the quests depending on where the less items are needed.

    If still high at both places I don't do quest etc. But as said many people have missions or other things that do require a lot of items needed but can't do a lot on that as said.

    Been the way of the game.

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    Yep, this round of this type was ridiculous. But once I start something, I hate to abandon it. So I pushed through. But next time a design-a-seat comes to my farm, I'm going to ignore it. This is the third, I think, of this type. I like the idea. But good god, it was tough. I play once a day so it was really hard to accumulate woodchips. I basically had to bite the bullet and buy a bunch of hedgehogs to open up the 4th square, which is double points.

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    Measuring the total amount needed to determine if it is worth doing the whole quest is one thing, but i already have 130 points and now i get these tasks that require the 438 chips, that is after doing all of the other tasks to get to the 130 points. If zynga is going to make it ridiculous, maybe they should quote the # of chips or whatever to exclusively gather for this quest to begin with and then we could make an educated determination and not get screwed down the line.

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