Limits on items we have to earn or get from friends

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The limits in the game are ridiculously low when you reach higher levels and also for many of the newer quests. I can send 50 requests to my friends but can only receive 12, of salt, bottles,and most of the items we need to request in the feed. When we need 17 bottles for some of the animals we raise it is ridiculous. There should be a higher limit for fertilizer mine is 150 but if all my stable animals need to be fed and I use the trough I can sometimes get 225 and so I lose 75. Come on if we have to work to get these items we should receive them not lose them due to stupid low limits. Seriously 100 mulch it takes more time to travel back and forth when I level up. Losing interest rapidly as they are making everything to force you to spend money in a game that is advertised as play free. And everything costs farm bucks each buck is .15 doesn't sound like much but when you need 95 for a horse that's 14.11 for an image that ends up becoming prized and needing to be replaced for a new one that you can get the resources needed to continue playing the game. :#:(


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    This is a Player to Player help forum. If you need to reach Zynga for reimbursements (there is no Tech Support), click on Help at the top of your game, and then Support. If the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of that popup is missing -- click --> here

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    This limiting choice FV2 made is a real pain but DONT hold your breath waiting for a change.

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    One of the points with the game is resource management. Knowing the limits of different things, and knowing the mechanics of the game, and to play in a way that use your limited resources in the best, with a playing style that is enjoyable for you.

    Regarding baby bottles, water and fertilizer: the guide Anya linked to is one of most important guides there is.

    Regarding limits in other ask items, yes the limit is 12 in inventory. So there are different strategies, and they are in my opinion used in a combination. One stratety is to check who of your friends who are online, and send to them specifically in the first round. Craft what you can, and send out another round of requests before you go offline. Another strategy is to send out 50 requests, and craft as the items come in, that way you can get a lot more than 12.

    A third strategy is to learn what subcrafts with ask items that show up frequently in quests, and craft a few of them every now and then. Keep in mind that even if the limit for flasks is 12, you can have unlimited amounts of for example blueberry dye in inventory. Examples are subcrafts using flasks (blueberry and magenta dye, olive and truffle oil), subcrafts that use glass (mirror, fired glass), subcrafts that use sugar (heavy cream, ice cream, angel food cake), there are a lot more of course. I go through my workshop/kitchen/kiln every now and then when there is no quest/event going on, craft what subcrafts I can and send out new requests.

    Regarding waste of fertilizer: If you use troughs to feed your animals, you feed a subgroup of animals. You can then empty your fert bin and use your fertilizer before you feed next subgroup of animals with another of your troughs. Find a balance between different kinds of animals that works for you, personally I prefer to have most of my horses walking around on the farm where I can feed them individually, and fill the barn with a mix of other animals.

    Regarding farmbucks: There is no need to use farmbucks, unless you really want to. Coin animals works well, even if they aren't as cute as animals for farmbucks.

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