No prize boxes from State Fair

sherri9472sherri9472 Cupcake PrincessesRegistered User Posts: 836 Forum Meister

Clicked on get prizes and it took me back to my farm, gave me some coins and that was it. A new quest line opened at the same time.....maybe caused the glitch? Anyone else get nothing this week?


  • Anya K'tanAnya K'tan Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 9,047 Lord of the Forums
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    It happens to everyone from time to time. According to a Mod it all goes to inventory even if you don't get the cutscene. Of course that means your box reward is predetermined which sorta sucks the suspense out of it... everyone is chewing their nails to see if they got bait or fertilizer I'm sure ;)

    If you write support they will see to it you get more of said bait and fertilizer.

    What I find most irksome is when I don't get my speed boost. The only redeeming thing about the fair, imo.

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  • sherri9472sherri9472 Cupcake Princesses Registered User Posts: 836 Forum Meister

    Ok, thanks. Must of gotten items I already have. Not sure how being in higher leagues (with better prizes ha) only give items you can get other ways.

  • sunpaxsunpax Not a Title, but a Star Registered User Posts: 88 Dramachine
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    Just happen to me right now...same thing ,,get some coins no seen any boxes at all and back to the farm ...

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