OUR GARDEN :: New Co-Op / Looking for members.

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The Co-Op:
Our Co-Ops name is Our Garden.
We are a new co-op just starting out. Our motto is "farming is our aim!"
Our goal is to be a friendly, laid back community. We love the game and our main goal is to enjoy it; that's what games are for after all!
All players are welcome on either platform (zynga & facebook).

About the Owner:
I am an adult player who is level 47 currently. I had to stop playing sometime last year when my computer could not keep up with the size of my farm and had trouble loading it, but now I'm back with a much better computer! The co-op I was previously a part of appears to have went dormant, hence why this one was created!

Here is my Zynga profile if you have any questions or wish to friend me:

The co-op is open to the public so you do not have to wait to join, just type "Our Garden" into the co-op search bar. However, if you have any questions, again, contact me on Zynga or comment below.

Thank you for reading!


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