i need neigbors

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please help me i need neigbors thanks


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    I recommend you play at zyngagames.com
    You can add as many zFriends as you like (limited to about 30 per day, but that adds up).

    zFriends are never connected to your Facebook, so you do not have to share personal information with a bunch of strangers.

    Also, zFriends are surely playing Farmville 2, where on Facebook, you can't count on that. Most of your Facebook friends probably are not playing, and therefore will never see any of your requests for parts or neighboring.

    If you are already playing on zyngagames.com, feel free to add me. I do not visit, but I do have very high XP trees right up front for you to click (after you get the fair), and 5 high XP bunnies up front for you to click (147 each) if you do not have the fair, or I am not in your top 8.

    You may also want to add your link to the Add Me thread (and I might recommend you avoid adding Facebook people. I added a couple, and I suddenly was getting over 50 friend requests every day on Facebook - and there is no way I'm adding all those people..)

    Add me thread: zyngaplayerforums.com/farmville2/discussion/3164313/farmville-2-add-me-thread-october-2016

    Please note, it can take anywhere from Minutes to Days for people to appear on your in-game lists.

    Just done.

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    You probably need Friends rather than neighbours.
    Friends send you stuff when you make requests.
    Neighbours visit your farm.

    On Zynga, you add zfriends by clicking on the Friends live feed and then on ADD, for suggested friends, you can click on around 30 a day. Not all accept but it adds up eventually.
    On Facebook, join a few FV2 Groups, you can add people from those groups.

    For neighbours, you can add them from your fair wagon, when you have some friends, you can request they become neighbours, just click on the "add friend"tab at the start of your neighbour bar. If they accept your neighbour request they will show up on your neighbour bar. Older player may be unable to accept because they have reached the neighbour limit and cannot remove neighbours who no longer play.

    SUPPORT If your in game "contact us" button is missing, use this.

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