Didn't get my 200+ "Co-Op Goal favors" after finishing all orders!!!

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I'm playing this game quiet for a long time. But it's the first time such "bug" happened. I've completed "Co-Op Goal" orders as usual and waited to get 200+ favors for it, but suddenly saw that it just started a new order list, without giving me any favors at all! Was really surprised and in my case I had to get 210 favors. But got none! I've restarted the game several times, but nothing happened and I didn't get any favors back. I planned to use it in game, but now am without nothing and have to start all over again (not sure that I'll get it next time too). Checked if I am getting favors at all - finished some orders from "Order Board" and yes, got favors from there. But not from "Co-Op Goal"! :(((( Please, can u fix it and give these favors back??? **


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