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My suggestion is simple, deleted the shovels. This is totally unfair for the competition when, saturday, the first of the rank have 20 000 point more than you because et buy a diamond shovel... How we can win the great fear if we can move up from the 8th place because someone have no compunction to use money to move up ? All farmer cannot do that, hey !

Please do something... Or make a separate fair for those who don't use the shovels ?


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    In real life, if you want to enter produce/animals into a fair, you spend money. Because you know other people will spend money as well. You don't just grab any random pumpkin or chicken and take it and then get mad when someone shows up with this...

    You have 2 viable options.
    1. Buy a shovel - this will keep you in the same category though, and you will have to keep buying shovels to compete. Eventually, this will go badly too, because people who "skirt the rules" always have those sorts of shovels, and always compete at that level.
    2. Stop buying shovels - this will put you into a lower category of competition. One that you will probably feel more comfortable in. It will take a few weeks to backslide to a good group, but you'll get there eventually, and it will be much easier to maintain your standing from that point forward.

    Not a viable option: Getting mad, getting stressed, getting upset. It won't help anyone, and may hurt your health in the long run. Just try to ignore the fair for a while. It will get better :)

    Just done.

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    I can understand where you are coming from - but it's all part of the game.

    I was one of the beneficiaries of the "permanent" Diamond Shovel. When Country Fair was converted to State Fair and the shovel levels arrived I had something like 60 weeks worth of Golden Shovels in inventory - leveled up to Diamond and had Diamond shovel everyday for over a year.

    About 3 weeks ago I finally ran out of shovels. I have a few Ruby shovels in inventory that I won at the State Fair. I activate one each Thursday after going to the fair and have it for 24 hours. After that I play without a shovel for the rest of the week. So far I've managed to hang on to Sapphire 3 league - if only barely.

    Just as in life there will always be people who can spend much more money than I can playing the game. I don't stress over it - eventually I may drop a level but I'll end up in an easier group.

    Just play the game for fun & let the levels fall where they may

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    I play it week by week, and try stay somewhat competitive, and not winning by a large margin

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    Moi, je me demande comment certaines personne arrivent a gagner plus de 176000 points en deux jours !!! en plus j'ai fini 1ere la semaine dernière et qu'est ce que j'ai gagnée un pelle or. et la semaine avant 2 pelle x5. comment donner vous les récompenses? comment voulez vous que l'on augment nos points avec une pelle or. ou alors la personne qui a plus de 176 000 triche?

    j'attend une réponse a ma demande, merci de me répondre.

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