Layout mode or a way to turn off animations

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To arrange fences, sprinklers, buildings, and walls, it would help if we had a way to stop the characters and animals from getting in the way. It's adorable, but terribly frustrating that as soon as you hover over a square, animals and family crew gather around and get in the way.

When I leave my computer running but don't touch it for awhile, the graphics only show a brown flat square where buildings and plots are. There are brown rectangles or circles where fences and sprinklers are. You can't see any animals or characters. When it's in that state, instead of refreshing right away, I rearrange my farm or place fences.
It's just a workaround though, requiring i remember what things look like and where they are. As the game continues, plots and animals fill in if i water crops or feed animals.

Thanks :D


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