didn't get my sheep and favours from the smoothie bar

Janet DeleeuwJanet Deleeuw The Pesky HelperRegistered User Posts: 696 Dedicated Go Getter
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I finished the fifth round of the smoothie bar, and the people came to the party - and then the whole thing froze up and became unresponsive. I waited about 5 minutes and refreshed and the smoothie bar was ready to go again (and did say 5 of 5 Smoothie Parties) but I had no sheep or favours and the sheep is not in inventory either. Now the smoothie bar does not show any sheep or prize at all though it wants me to go through the tasks again. Not happy!

Regarding the Sheep reward from the Smoothie Bar and also the Favors, kindly clear cache so that game updates will refresh. You may also fill out the Bug Report Form so that the team can also check on this. Thank you. :)


  • Janet DeleeuwJanet Deleeuw The Pesky Helper Registered User Posts: 696 Dedicated Go Getter
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    Thanks for the suggestion - I used ccleaner and then also manually cleared my Chrome cache but unfortunately no sheep appeared. I will fill out the bug report form.
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    I had the same problem. My smoothie bar said 5 of 5 parties. I was told on another thread that if the sheep had been received, the smoothie bar would no longer open, so I figured, what the heck. No rewards showed until I completed the three tasks, but as soon as I got to the place to ask for guests to come to the party, the prizes showed up and only the first 4 were checked, not the sheep. When my guests came to the 6th party, I received my sheep. Hope this helps.
  • m.meyerm.meyer Captain Obvious Facebook Connect User Posts: 108 Cloudylicious
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    ive completed my smoothie bar twice and no sheep at the end either and its not in my inventory either
  • AkecharaAkechara The Chosen One Registered User Posts: 894 Grand Poohbah
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    Does the smoothie bar no longer open? Once it's completed it will only allow you to store.
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