Laggy Farm?

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People were complaining yesterday about this, but I have not yet experience it...


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    Skyeborne wrote: »
    I came back on after like a week off, but since I have I haven't been able to play since I am getting maybe 5 frames a second. Is this happening to anyone else?

    It's been like that for me off and on since yesterday. I have to log out, clear my caches out and then log back in. If I am on the forum, then I don't log into the game until I'm done here because if I let my farm sit idle to long, it starts to lag really bad and then just crashes. But, usually a lot of lag and difficulty getting back onto my farm usually tells me Zynga is doing something, like pushing the quest through or adding in the new LE crop of the week, or they're just monkeying around with the system for some reason.
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