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  • If this is the feeds that I think your talking about. The ones that show up under the game itself? Mine don't work, every time I click on one all it does is reload the game, it doesn't give me anything
  • Thanks for explaining :) I agree with jumper. There is just so many farms now that its hard to stay under that limit and to know what material goes with what farm. There are so many unique items and farms now that a unique item increase would be well benefited. I have already had to get rid of stuff that I am sure I'm…
  • Sorry but I don't consider that an official statement. Further more in light of what has just recently happened they could update us on what is going on, and I would like it to be from someone who actually know whats going on like Lexi or one of the Tech staff. They know when they are gonna release it, so just tell us…
  • What bothers me is they see this here on the forum and they choose to ignore it rather then issue and official statement about it. I also really don't think it's fair that they released the second set of quests before they were ready to go live to everybody. They had the first set for the early access now this set should…
  • yes I have refreshed stays the same. Yes live chat says It is not showing up tonight and last time I used it there a 220 min wait time :|
  • i was at 105 tricks and it said i needed 5 more so I went and got 15 more and now it says i need 33 more !
  • HAHA funny this time I wanted the common one instead of the rare one (I wanted the nightmare duck) and my free dart I got the rare one the Pegasus. Funny how that works out when I want the rare I never get it. Server 2 XXXXX XXXXX XXXXP XXXXX XXXXX
  • Me too , the only neighbors that are showing up are the ones that AREN'T my facebook friends.
  • Grrr I am so ticked off right now ! I had the red cat in my pet run which was at 97%, but then I see when I check the quest that it says keep him OUTSIDE so I take him out and go ****, how could I have missed that, all those hrs wasted. So then I come here to see what the harvest time is on the cat and come accross this…
  • Not working for me either and its now saturday !
  • no double mastery here either
  • you know what would be really nice, if they actually commented on it so we would know. cause not being able to plant other crops on my EC farm ticks me off!
  • I can't even believe that it was less then 50% to begin with considering that they charge 30 FVC for them. Then to raise to only to 50% I find absolutely disgusting ! Whats even sadder is they think this is suppose to be a huge exciting thing for us. If they want it to be exciting for us and to be happy about it they…
  • Thats ridiculous! considering the pattern is suppose to come from the ram now and we pay big bucks for it the chances should be higher than what they are. But I guess it doesn't matter because no matter what we say Zynga will not change it it make it better, but they still want our money!
  • well this capital one really bugs me because I could have really used that statue, but really there are lots of others all the time that we don't get that offer 2 FVC or 3FVC stuff like that we don't get. I see them all the time on a farmville site that shows all the new stuff going on in FV.
  • omg it won't let me play, says I have too much in my gift box :(
  • I just don't want to get stuck with a stupid duck
  • You can tell what server you are on by hovering over the "play" tab at the top. while hovering, at the bottom of the screen where the web address shows on your browser when loading should display:fb-tc-(server #).farmvlle.com for instance mine says fb-tc-2.farmville.com, so it means I'm on server 2
  • out of who that posted are on server 2?
  • I bought 2 of those color changers yesterday and bred the heck out of them and got no changing what so ever. To me they took my money and are not providing the service that these items are said to give. That is not a way to run a business. pattern inheritance may not be 100% but it should at least be at a **** 90% !
  • Ok I'll throw you the bone and give you the "pattern inheritance was never 100% guaranteed" Fine, BUT at least up the % a bit, right now it is ridiculously low !. I just spent 50 FVC on sheep and I very rarely get any patterns from the stupid things ! I call that BAD business and that WILL be the last FVC I will spend if…
  • What are you talking about??? we are talking about the flashing sheep we bought in the market that were released tonight. They are not producing flashing lambs. So i don't see what the relevance in you breeding the same sheep for 3 weeks has to do with these sheep. people have already said they have bred them over 10 times…
  • Mine aren't either The rainbow ram has not passed on any changing color OR spots. Mt chameleon Ewe has not passed on color changing either.
  • That is hooded. two colors, one one the head one on the body
  • If Stumpgrinder just forgot to put hooded on the list, how does it explain that the pattern is NOT passing on?
  • What ticks me off even more is Brutus's "hooded pattern DOES NOT pass on, and FARMVILLE RELEASED that pattern....why oh why stop that pattern????? Not like they will read this and address this ...
  • Oh yes it does I just bred a few "hooded" sheep, (brutus's pattern) and they were ALL solids
  • I almost think it's pointless to buy more FVC considering everytime we turn around the price of everything is going up. Like now 7 & 12 FVC for trees, and 30 FVC for boring colored and pattern sheep is ridiculous, 26 fvc for horses, and the biggest thing of all 28 FVC for a pot belly pig...come on zynga...way to get people…
  • Yes but when will these patterns like stars and Camo be released IF they are released....long after people have gotten bored and left the game entirely....because as I reiterate sheep breeding has been out for over a month now and so far you guys have really released nothing exciting to keep us interested. You can only…