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  • I can't imagine having too much fuel! I rarely had enough unless I spent FarmCash to buy it. I'm so grateful for the improved supply of fuel in the game - I can spend more sending special gifts to my neighbors, which is more fun! ;) Thanks Zynga <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • I needed a new Mastery spreadsheet. Yours seems pretty complete. ;) Thanks for you time and energy!! ;)
  • I Love FarmVille - been playing better than a year; I quit YoVille because of the intolerable pop up thing. Then the pop ups spread to the Farm :( I try to make the best of them - but damnation and hellfire! I wish I could turn them off when I'm playing full screen! Too much time spent not farming.
  • I want the little flags to be resurrected from the Fair theme. Especially the blue ones - they are the best to animate a water feature. I want a whole screen full to flood part of my farm! Then I'll build an ark!
  • I have yet to have a penguin wander on my farm or offered up for adoption in my FarmVille neighborhood! How in the world could that have happened? I've got 50+ neighbors and I'm at level 50 too. Any clues??
  • No Send for real FarmCash gifts button or FarmVille Podcast might be related to a HUGE server farm that tons of big sites use, Rackspace, that crashed and burned on Friday. Many sites, including those hosted via San Francisco's Laughing Squid, are down- at a terribly inconvenient time for commerce's sake. I don't think…
  • My image is posted bigger here: http://torchstar.soup.io/post/36141041/My-FarmVille-Avatar-floats-around-on-a
  • Congratulations! That is so far past me at Level 40; I've been farming since early July. How long did it take you to get to Level 70? When did you start farming? Is it still fun for you to farm? How many neighbors helped you along? Got any special moments to share- or a inspired strategy? What is your favorite crop,…
  • I added the Sunflowers...
  • I received a plethora of Baby Elephants! I was able to find room on my farm for 13, which left 10 more waiting to be accepted into my gift box. I did some renovation on the farm to make room for the rest of the elephants. I went to my Facebook requests to herd the elephants to their new home- and got the evil response "too…
  • Imagine going to college for 4 years to grow things and I end up here- and it is great! There is a level of sublime satisfaction planning my plantings for optimum points, cash, timing... I use the texture and color element in the beautiful crops to give my farm a "cool crop circle seen from satellite in space" composition.…
  • Which is posted here: http://torchstar.soup.io/post/27909619/FarmVille-at-Facebook-has-taken-me-hostage