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  • Thank you sooooo much!!!! That's exactly what I did and she showed up!
  • Okay, I answered above, but I didn't answer all your questions, so answering again: * What Kind of Puppy Did you Purchase (Coin or Farm Cash)? Coin * When did it disappear? (After placing, Refreshing, Returning to Farm After Visiting Neighbor, etc.) Returning to the farm after sending kibble to neighbors. * After it…
  • Umm...we ARE the beta testers...
  • I just bought my puppy about 15 minutes ago too and I went to tell my friends about it, and when I came back, the puppy had disappeared. :( I was going to just buy another one, but it won't let me (the coin one). Help!!!!!!
  • This just happened to me. I keep on reloading and I can't see the poor puppy. :(
  • I haven't been able to post FV feeds for most of the day and then was finally able to do one tonight and thought they finally fixed the problem. Wrong. The one post was just a fluke apparently. I haven't been able to post feeds since then. :(
  • Ha ha, that's what I did. I have slowly worked on mastery in the past, but after the super pumpkins, I've been concentrating more on mastering my crops. I got interrupted by the Fire & Ice roses over night (for leveling up purposes), but I'm alternating with Ghost Chilis (on my last star for this one). I'm doing this on…
  • I know exactly what you mean. I found eggs on 3 neighbor's farms today and I haven't gotten one in probably 2 weeks as well and I was unable to post any of them. I also found a couple rare collectibles and couldn't share it with my husband or daughter. It was so weird to look at my feed and see that the last FV post was…
  • I do both, but I'm really conservative with my fuel even though at the moment I have a lot of it. I just never know when I'm going to need it. So if I'm not in a super hurry, I'll harvest by hand, plow 37 clicks with the tractor, plow the rest by hand, and seed by hand. This doesn't use any fuel. If I'm in a bigger hurry,…
  • Yep, I created a Farmville Feeds group (and Barn Buddy Feeds group) for friends who play the games and when you post, you have to click on the little arrow next to submit and choose "specific friends" and type in the name of your group. It's a great way for me to not spam all my non-FV playing friends, but it does require…
  • Can't remember what order I earned them in (I started putting them in order, but then with reorganization over and over, I lost track, lol) except the peas were first and super pumpkins were last night. :D Possible order based on my foggy memory after the SP event, lol: peas onions green tea strawberries yellow melon…
  • They disappeared from the market as I was harvesting my last batch. I did get the mastery and sign, but not positive that they gave me credit before or after it disappeared from the marketplace. All I know is that after I got the sign, I looked and it was not in the marketplace. I thought it was because once I got the…
  • I just got it about an hour ago! While the sign isn't all that much different from the other pumpkin sign, I like what it says when you hover over it. :D
  • Wait, so I have 98 pumpkins left to get the mastery and currently have 501 in the fields. However, only 55 of them will be ready to harvest before midnight EST, the rest won't be ready until about 12:30 am. Will I still receive the mastery or am I screwed for not harvest before the midnight deadline?
  • Before and now, probably 5-7, but closer to 5. But I'm pumping around the clock, which works out okay for the pumpkin mastery (I plant one overnight to harvest the next morning), but completing it won't get me more sleep. I would LIKE to get 9 hours a night, but I'm thinking that will happen after the kids are older.…
  • Very cool! Well done!
  • You know, the way Lexi worded that post of hers, it leaves them room to continue allowing us to plant pumpkins, but not gain mastery points after the deadline. She said we had a limited time to master the pumpkins, but it wasn't specifically stated that we'll never be able to plant the pumpkins after the deadline...what do…
  • I've got exactly 2500 so far, and will be harvesting another 501 tonight, plus one overnight, so 3 more cycles tomorrow. I should hopefully be posting an edit this time tomorrow. :)
  • Count me as another fan. I haven't planted more than a few plots of these because they were for a limited time and there was no mastery for it, but artistically, they're very beautiful. For the flowers, the forget-me-nots and the morning glories are my favorite.
  • I'm at 997, and am taking a chance and planting some overnight (501). My girls usually wake me up at 7:30, which would be 6.5 hours after I planted these, so I'm crossing my fingers that they indeed don't start to wither until the 8 hour mark. I'm hoping I don't accidentally oversleep tomorrow! :eek:
  • Not yet, either on my farm or my feed. But I haven't harvested anything today--waiting for my asparagus to be ready so I can start with the Super Pumpkins, lol. And I harvested all my animals and trees yesterday so they're not ready yet.
  • LOL, I did the same thing! I will wait till tomorrow to reorganize, but I had to get the expansion. Plus there's a library, schoolhouse...all for coins! I'm thrilled! Now I have to create a little town. :)
  • LOL, never thought to do this. With 10 bags, it's more likely I could draw something, but I've never thought to do that. It takes long enough to fertilize all my neighbors so if a farmer is not blocked in, I'll choose the 5 plots closest to their chicken coop, and if it is, I'll chose whatever 5 (or 10) I feel like.…
  • I love the melons, peppers (all kinds), ghost chili, and cabbages, especially when fertilized. The morning glories are also a very pretty color. Cranberries are also nice and bright. The sunflowers aren't bad, but I'm not a huge fan of the rest of the flowers, especially the lilies. I agree with PP that they look wilted,…
  • This exactly. If people want to spend money on it, that's great. It's a personal choice either way. :)
  • Exactly. I had a friend accept her presents one at a time for her Christmas tree while at 99 presents and generate a present each time. I was doing the same thing and we could have gone on indefinitely but we started getting tired, LOL. But it was fun and our friends benefited from our major generation of presents. :)
  • Well, if I have time, I'll accept as many as I can before the week ends (on Wednesday night), but otherwise I'll leave them and take my chances. Honestly, coop stuffing takes work, but enough cycles and I can generate enough gold eggs on my farm or my daughter's farm so that we can get 30 fuels in one go. So I think I'm…
  • LOL, yep, have enough of those gold chickens running around. I've managed to not spend any yet, but I might be persuaded if the mystery boxes were guaranteed to give me an animal that is not a gold chicken.
  • Maybe the much-awaited dog?