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  • When I try post something the share box is not appearing. I have logged out twice and cleared my cache and that has not helped. I rebooted the computer and that did not not either. It was working fine this morning and I had to go PT and when I got home I tried to post and the share box or window just does not appear.…
  • Same here, when I try to click a friends post I go to the farm. My husband said when he clicked my request he went to the farm. Farmville had that problem fixed yesterday and now we are back to useless posts that go to the farm and no one gets credit.
  • Same problem here. It sends you to the farm and doesn't tell if it was expired or you got credit. My husband clicked my request and I did not get credit. Also, I click several daily items for friends and my number are still the same. You can't vote on the sweet and sour one, because you just go to the farm. I don't…
  • I can't anything from News feed, says temporary out of order come back later. Also,I can't share from the farm, share box comes without a picture and when you click share a message say there is a problem
  • It is very confusing and when I search a problem,, nothing comes up.
  • I use Google Chrome and it is the latest version and so is my Shockwave flash and I can't get anything done for all the crashes and Shockwave flash is not responding messages. This has been going on for about three days now. I have wrote Google Chrome and Adobe Reader about this yesterday and they have not responded. I…
    in flash player Comment by marydla May 2016
  • I followed the directions at the first link and they left a step out. After you click the symbol for settings, it says click "About Google Chrome", but you need to click "Help" to find about google chrome. I have the latest version Google Chrome. I have wrote Google Chrome and Adobe Reader about this and neither one has…
  • Well it is a pain on the original size iphone. You have to zoom everything to see what it is, then pinch it back so you can scroll. If they are not going to have pictures, then put in large bold print what the item or action is, please
  • Love it, go girl! You are so right!
  • Peela, it is way tooooooo long to wait. Those relic tasks are impossible to complete. Open 7 land tiles, which are land expansions, there is only one that is 48 farm bucks, the rest are much higher. You evidently have lots of money to waste and did early access and no idea how hard it is to click each plot 3 times, which…
  • I agree that the land expansions are too much. Also, I am fed up mastering water crops with no water equipment. You have to click each plot 3 times to get anything done. That means thousands of times to master one crop. When you click a water plot half the time it doesn't do what you want, it opens the buy seeds or buy…
  • That is terrible, I need to purchase 6 expansions in 2 days to meet the requirements. I have met all the other requirements, but land expansions are too much There is one for 48 farm bucks, the rest are 99 or more. Zynga must want everyone to quit with these impossible tasks. Also, I am sick of having to master water crops…
  • RichardSuek, who are you addressing about spelling errors on a web-site. My educational web-site through the school board is no longer available, because of a cut in Title 1 technology funds, my school lost most of its computer Lab funds. Also Peela, it still stinks that we have wait so long for water equipment and Zynga…
  • Thanks Sandy, they seen to be working today. I hate they all look the same, it is really hard when I am on my iphone, I have to stretch every post to read what it is, when pinch it back to scroll to the next post. I just don't understand why this is going on.
  • It has been 4 days that bushels to share will not post to feed. The box just stays blank with the flashing rectangles in the center. You can leave it an hour or more and it ever works. All caches cleared and rebooting does not help.....Please fix!!!!!!!
  • I have cleared flash and browser cache and that did not help. I still can't post to feed from Farmville. It has been about 2 hours. It Farmville's (Zynga's) error not ours. Please fix. Maybe I should clear the cookies, when nothing else works when it constantly crashes, clearing the cookies fixes it every time.
  • The Zen Garden still will not open and is still flashing gray. This not fair, we have no chance in the weekly challenge and quests are difficult to do with only 3 slots. By now I would have all six slots, so I have been wasting my time and fuel for 3 weeks because it does not show any progress, it just says "Upgrade Now"…
    in zen garden Comment by marydla April 2016
  • Mine says upgrade now also and is gray. Just read Isle of Green's post and he or she says it is locked until the Mountain of Strength is opened up. I don't like this and see no purpose in this new practice of Zynga. Let those who are go-getters move on and slow pokes do like they usually do.
  • I still can't pull up your name for getting bushels and goods. Hope they help you soon
  • Same here, it has been happening several times a day for 2 days now. It lasts for about 15 minutes to a couple of hours. Has this new farm messed things up? Please fix.
  • They need a confirmation request on ALL purchases. My money is constantly disappearing a few farm bucks at a time. 4 farm bucks just disappeared when I left the computer for 5 minutes. 4 farm bucks was the amount that disappeared when they did an instant grow that I never asked for and never confirmed. Pink water mushrooms…
  • Yes, they did the same thing on the Treasure Tides, so I said the heck with planting water croups on that farm. So the water only expansions were a waste on Treasure Tides. None of the water croups were required to beat Treasure Tides, but they are required to beat this latest farm. The plots are difficult for plant one at…
  • They do not have a water tractor available, it says locked for Hawaiian farm
  • Ruby Burns, where do you get the ad blocker?
  • Thank you Sun Kissed Caribbeana, I have checked out the version of shockwave I have and it says it is the most current and no updates are available. I clear my cache about 20 times a day, log in and out, and reboot computer. Those actions used to clear up shockwave flash's problems, but not now. Tonight, it is crashing…
  • This has been happening to me also, but on every action and about every 2 minutes. I can't get anything done. I have followed all the steps Google Chrome helps says to fix it and nothing helps. There have been no major changes with my computer. I did remove some videos and pictures in case it was a memory problem, even…
  • Thank you for the replies. There is no where to uncheck turbos, that is why several posts are going around to share to petition Zynga put a place to uncheck it. I am keeping the fuel now and selling the 60 packs. I guess Zynga doesn't have any moderators anymore that can contact Zynga to find a fix problems, because they…
  • They need to remove pending and not allow them on our farms. Pending is wrecking the game. Pending wins on my leader boards, despite all my work, but I haven't had any missing money. I would probably quit if my farm cash came up missing, because there is no support to contact anymore. I think deleting all friends and…
  • Can't open the Nutcracker suite either. Shows about animals, then farm freezes. Please fix