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  • So we have to wait tomorrow 3/16 for an enhancement to get into the game??? Send the enhancement now PLEASE!!! It's been a day since I haven't been able to get into my farm. I'm losing my patience Zynga...From a loyal and paying FarmVille Player!!!!!
  • So we have to wait tomorrow 3/16 for an enhancement to get into the game??? Send the enhancement now PLEASE!!! It's a day since I haven't been able to get into my farm. I'm losing my patience Zynga...From a loyal and paying FarmVille Player!!!!!
  • Well they need to investigate it again because this has been an ongoing issue while playing in last few months and I'm trying to figure out why this is happening. Something always seem to happen on a Monday. At least for me it has!
  • Dominus Mars, since a lot of players are unable to post can Zynga put an option for us when we try to post the countdown and farmstand prizes. For example today's prize is the Holi Tree, when a player clicks on the picture have 2 options....1. Share (post)....2. Ask a neighbor(S)...That give us players to ask neighbors…
  • I will give you a list of what it says when I edit settings for Farmville.....1. App Visibility....2. Info You Provide to this App...3. Public Profile. this check seems not very clear-in other words cloudy compared to the checks that are on the right side. 4. Friends list. 5. Email Address. 6. Birthday. 7. Current City.8.…
  • I am using google chrome. I have a Mac/pc computer. I have tried every kind of computer at home and at work with all browsers with the updated flash player. I never knew how to take a screenshot. Maybe if someone else tries it they can take a screenshot. Let me ask you this. Is there supposed to be a section that says…
  • Tried to do this but I noticed it's missing the post section.... It says this app can send you notifications ( the only option I see)..... I followed your instructions anyway but it didn't work..... Notifications is obviously different from posting, which I don't see....Something to look into....
  • I am done!!!! Goodbye farmville
  • I agree with you darqlady. If Farmville or Facebook in this case doesn't get the posting issue fixed, I won't be going on Facebook anymore. I connect with players all over the world because of this game. It will make me really sad if I'm unable to play it in the future.
  • Trust me! I have tried everything Dominus Mars. Playing the game over 6 years I know what steps to take. Can you tell me if this is a facebook issue. I remember this happening before. Just a thought....
  • This is the 6th time I have been unable to share a bushel with this new Sakura farm.......I won't been doing the quest anymore in the future due to this issue....Thank you sooooo much Zynga!!! You never cease to amaze me!!!!!!!
  • I haven't been able to post 5 times today....What a joke.......FIX THE GAME ZYNGA!!!! :(
  • Zynga, this has been an issue all day and you have not fixed it yet. Get it together and fix the problem PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! And remove the play Ghoul ball heading on top of the loading screen until it's fixed!!!!!!
  • Not only is it with building haystack, it's also with building beams. I had a similar problem with Treasure Tides. (which I paid for early access). I WILL NEVER I REPEAT NEVER PAY FOR EARLY ACCESS TO ANY FARM IN THE FUTURE AGAIN! AND THANKS TO THE WONDERFUL MODERATORS WHO NEVER BOTHER TO REPLY TO BUG ISSUES!!!!!!! Why have…
  • Because the send and get is not working properly..... You can only send! Don't expect to get sapphires back after sending it to your neighbors...
  • Thanks. I'll remember to check that page if I need to in the future.
  • How do you know that they are working on it? They haven't responded to any of threads in Bugs & Issues. Just curious...
  • As I mention on another thread I am also having trouble getting it to load.
  • Tried every browser and I can't get FV to load at all. Been trying for over 30 minutes now :(
  • This happened to me too. My neighbor had one where you had to type the word that was shown above in a box. Can't finish the countdown until this is fixed.
  • Wow!!!! It's so nice that the moderators haven't even bothered to reply to this post? Losing respect for Zynga by the day.................................
  • A pain in the ***!!!!!!!!!!! :(
  • I understand what you're saying Chocolate Heart. I guess I have too much of everything in my gift box, not just animals. Thank you for sending my feedback to the team :) In the meantime, I will start cleaning out my gift box and hope I don't have this problem again.
  • With all the animals we get from playing different features, quests, countdowns, farmstands , etc... I do blame Zynga! Not to mention all the farms we get every year. To have a 500 limit on unique items is a joke. And how do we know what animal is unique from the common ones. I was getting all of the horses from playing…
  • Annabell95, Was your gift box full (over 500)...I lost the Rainbow Shimmering Deer because I got a pop up saying my gift box was too full. That's why I lost the deer....
  • This is the first feature I encountered where I didn't get the prizes even though my gift box was over 500. I had no problem in December getting all the prizes playing the feature with Lost Reindeer/ Rudolph. I guess Zynga keeps changing the rules when these features come out. And I think it's unfair not only to me but…
  • Well I guess Zynga doesn't intend to fix this issue or increase how many items we can have in our gift box, I have decided to move on to another game. It's been great playing for 5 years. Thanks Chocolate Heart for replying to my post......
  • This is the message I get most of the time when I try to share. It started about a month ago. And I'm afraid to play this game now because I never know what I can or cannot share. How are we supposed to play this game? PLEASE FIX!!!!!!:mad:
  • Having the same problem. Got a few of those messages yesterday & I'm still getting them today. How are we supposed to play this game if WE CAN'T POST!!!! So Frustrating :(