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  • FarmerCuddles: Appreciate the info. However I am at Level 510, I have most of my different farms just about max'd at 28x28 I have mastered so many of the crops that I have lost track. I use Superfertilizer only on special occasions, and I'll be happy to buy the double bushel statues when they become coin purchases. As for…
  • With all these 'New' farms it has become an irritation getting to the original home farm when you no longer list them by most recent. I like many others only go to certain farms. It is primarily and issue of excessive clicks. Instead of making the farms player friendly seems as if they force you to play it their way…
  • Australia has a problem giving bushels. For all crops I get only about 9 bushels for 341 plots planted? That's only 2.64% of all plots. I would expect at least a 10% planting to bushel harvest ratio on all farms. Since all these new 'Themes' keep popping up, the quality of the game has greatly diminished. I have been…
  • This is an issue I raised in the original thread on "Orchard Expansions" along with being able to see how many trees in the orchard with having to open the orchard. Orchards are great, lots of fun, or were. I also am not a big fan of the "seedling nursery". It really serves no real purpose. You still have to go into the…
  • Ditto on the ability to place seedlings without the hassles. Moderator(s) are you listening to us? Please make game play easier, not more difficult.
  • Don't know why you are down so many neighbors. For me since they came out with the ability to have neighbors without actually friending first through FB, my neighbor count has gone up. I weed out the ones who don't contribute or gift back, and I never have too much trouble getting the things I need to expand, build or…
  • Beside the orchard issues mentioned in the other posts, does anyone else agree that we need to be able to use our Arborists to harvest not only non-orchard trees, but also the orchards, and the groves at one time. Sure would save a lot of time. Also anyone else dislike having to now click 8 times on a seedling to water it,…
  • Also while on the subject of the Orchards, why can't they make the Arborists able to harvest all the trees in orchards, and all orchards at one time. When one has a large number of orchards, the amount of time, and number of clicks lead to frustration. The game really should not be this difficult and require so many mouse…
  • Apparently the ability to mouse over and get tree count is not working on all farms. Neither is the ability to grow a seeding by picking from the drop down menu, and selecting "water seedling" like we used to.
  • Right there with these two on the LE White Hibiscus... not gonna plant it until I can make more than it costs to plant.
  • 100% agree with Aleasha Thomas, and expanding a quantity of 25 at a time is so lame. Expansion needs to be very robust so we can actually do something with the recipes.
  • I'm a three year player, I've seen features that help the farmer come and go, like being able to plant one seedling right after another. There are just too many clicks on too many things now, and my wrists are getting sore from it all. Also harvesting the orchards are tedious. I used to be able to harvest my orchards and…
  • It's a simple mathematical problem. if you know the %age from the crop, take 1-the % to get remaining time x how long the crop takes to grow. Example have a crop that is a 24 hour crop, 98% complete. 1-.98=.02 .02x24=.48 to find approx how long take .48x24=28.80 minutes.
  • Kathy is probably referring to the Expansion to Coastal Patch size for the Bonus Challenge. I agree with everyone else, there should be an option or ability to purchase expansions in LC with Coins as well as FV Cash. Been a long time player of FV, and I refuse to waste money to expand or get other "goodies" that are…
  • It is not often that I get to do this, but thank you Farmville/Zynga for listening to the players, and giving us the option of whether to play with or without the Pause. You guys are rock solid.
  • Yep my Gamebar is saying Plant Crops Now too! Also!! :confused:
    in Game Bar Comment by jmcilroy April 2010