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  • I wish they would work! There are a lot of older thing I'd like to see SBDs work on. That one is a biggie though!
  • Put a spa (or crafting building of your choice) on several different farms-the same building. You can now have up to 3 craft shops per farm I believe. Then just keep one or two of the "old" farms you've beaten, such as Winter Wonderland or English Countryside full of what is necessary for one good! I prefer Super Morning…
  • This! I'm not paying FC to purchase basically a mastery sign!
  • I've never got a red or blue gem! Mostly I get the purple one and the occasional green one. I have 3 of the islands with I believe about 25-30 animals total. I've been waiting on the rubies since the island was first released so I can unlock the next mystery unicorn...kinda annoying!
  • No, I already said we are not currently neighbors. I want to send her a gift but she isn't even listed as an option. She's not in my "current neighbors" tab. She's not down at the bottom. I've been playing since FV first came out, so I know my way around. (This is concerning my son's account, actually. I'm just helping him…
  • It's doing that for BOTH of the weekly challenge crops. I was just coming to say this! Not even worth doing. Ballet flower loses 40 coins/plot and Fairy Wings lose 79 coins per plot! I have friends who have thousands of those harvested already too. Ridiculous!
  • I just lost another 20 because of the "lag" of the screen. I knew it wasn't just me! There's still 22 hours left to get my 4 or 5 friends to contribute to the ice house or whatever it is. My screen jumped and I auto-completed it. 20 FC! Gone! I had plenty of time to finish it for free, thank you! I'm hesitant to complain…
  • Oh now, there are some things you can buy with coins. For the low, low price of $2,000,000 coins, a nice new animal can be yours! LOL Or $10,000 for a fence? Sounds like a deal to me! If you get $200,000,000, you can get that new expansion. Right. ;)
  • YES! And while they're at it, the dog treats! I don't know how many I've bought since the "buy" ones are in the exact same place as where you click to use the ones in your gift box. Very frustrating!